Join me for a free zero waste shopping event in Fremont

Free zero waste shopping event in Fremont on Thursday, 2/20/20

Join me and learn how to shop zero waste: creating a meal plan and shopping list using only package free ingredients, using the bulk shopping aisles, saving money and living healthily

I’m very excited to hold my first zero waste shopping event.

It’ll take place in Fremont on Thursday, 2/20/20. We’ll meet at Starbucks on 3950 Mowry Avenue at 10.00am and it will last approx. 3 hours.

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The idea is to meet up and share tips on how to do a weekly shop without buying any packaged food so that you can save money, minimize trash and live more healthily!

Joining is easy – just click on the blue button below to get to the Eventbrite page where you can get your free ticket. Hurry up – places are limited!

During the event, I’m going to teach you how to…

  • plan your meals and create a weekly shopping list
  • build a zero waste shopping kit, and
  • shop the grocery stores in Fremont while avoiding trash.

First, we’ll meet for an initial chat about zero waste and introductions. We’ll then split up and do a weekly grocery shop using the nearby grocery stores. At the end, we’ll meet again to share and discuss our challenges and successes!

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do in the UK for a while, but then our move to the US threw a spanner in the works! And now that I’ve learned a bit more about how to shop zero waste in Fremont, I’d like to share my experience with interested and like-minded zero wasters!

To help you prepare for the event, you’ll be provided with a free weekly meal planner and shopping list template.

Register for the zero waste shopping event in Fremont for free

Come and join me for an introduction to zero waste shopping and the chance to meet like-minded people who are passionate about reducing trash and protecting the environment.



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Free Zero Waste Shopping Event Fremont

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