Zero Waste Warwickshire – What’s news? – October

Autumn is in full swing, and so is Warwickshire’s zero waste scene – here are the news from October so far, featuring Green Bean, Core Wholefoods, Zero Store, as well as some exciting personal news from me, Bettina @

New sustainable shop Green Bean in Warwick

On 28th September, Green Bean opened at 62 Smith Street in Warwick. The shop sells unpackaged fruit and veg, a large selection of dried goods in bulk, such as pasta, pulses, flour and spices; as well as fresh bread, local honey, eco friendly cleaning and personal hygiene products, and a few eco-centric books. And best of all – they have a peanut butter machine! 🙂

The shop is open Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. What a boost for sustainable and zero waste shopping in Warwick and the region, well done to the team! You can follow them on Instagram.

Core Wholefoods and Zero Store reveal locations for their Leamington zero waste shops

If you’ve read September’s zero waste news for Warwickshire, or follow the local scene on social media, you’ll have heard that Leamington will soon be the proud home of TWO zero waste shops – each run by local zero waste pioneers Core Wholefoods and Zero Store.

Both teams have now announced the locations of their respective shops:

  • Core Wholefoods will be based at 45 Park Street, Leamington, and
  • Zero Store will open at 41 Russell Street, Leamington, CV32 5QB

Neither of them have confirmed opening dates but it can only be a matter of days or weeks… which means I’ll probably miss both of them 😦 because…

Bettina @ is moving to America

…to the Bay Area to be precise, near San Francisco, CA. Since quitting our previous corporate jobs in March 2019, my husband Simon and I have been travelling and pursuing some of our passions, which for me has been starting this blog to share my zero waste experience and create a zero waste community for Warwickshire.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Simon has now got a new job in Newark, near San Francisco. He started on Monday this week and I’m just waiting for my visa to be returned from the US embassy, so I’ll be off in the next 10 days or so.

It’s always been a dream of mine to live in California and it seems surreal and very exciting that this is now happening. However, I am sad to leave Warwickshire behind and not being able to see first hand how the region and our community pull together to fight plastic waste and protect our planet.

So what does this mean for

It’s been such an amazing and fulfilling experience to create the blog and receive positive feedback that some of you find this helpful, so I’ll definitively continue the blog from America. As of today, you’ll see a few changes in the menu navigation:

  1. There’s now a category each in the blog menu for ‘Zero waste shopping Warwickshire’ and ‘Zero waste shopping Bay Area’ – I’ll try and keep the Warwickshire section up to date with the help of friends and updates from social media, and I’ll start building the new section for my new home
  2. I’ll continue to write blog posts on ‘Zero waste cooking’ and ‘Zero waste meal plans and shops’ that are location independent
  3. The ‘News’ section will probably change focus to cover updates from my new base in the Bay Area 🙂

I will miss you lovely Warwickshire people, your passion and your great products and shops! Please do keep me updated with what’s happening by connecting with my social media channels on Instagram and Facebook, or posting in the comments below. Cheers and adieu, Bettina

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