Pump room gardens

3 new zero waste heroes discovered @ Leamington Ecofest

Reyousable, The Hippy Hare Company and Gill’s Honey and Hive Products join Warwickshire’s active zero waste community

Pump room gardens
Leamington’s inaugural Ecofest 2019 at the Pump Room Gardens

They may not be newbies to everyone, but I hadn’t met these three Warwickshire-based zero waste start-ups before, so I’m glad my visit to Leamington’s Ecofest at the weekend paid off. Here’s a brief introduction:

1. Reyousable

Reyousable logo

Run by founders and best friends Nicola and Claire, Reyousable’s mission is to bring together the best reusable products, to help you find the perfect match for your individual style & lifestyle. As well as running an online store with free delivery on orders over £25, you can meet the two at festivals and markets around Warwickshire.

2. The Hippy Hare Company

Hippy Hare Stall at Leamington Eco Fest

The Hippy Hare Company is run by Gail Girvan. Her aim is to bring to you products that are plastic free, palm free (or sustainable palm) eco friendly, not tested on animals and kind to you and the environment. You can order online via their Facebook page or meet them at various festivals around the area.

3. Gill’s Honey and Hive Products

Jill at her stall

Gill is a beekeeper from Warwick who doesn’t like honey… so she has gotten into beeswax! She now sells home-made, low waste lip balm, hand cream, bees wax wraps and furniture care – all from local Warwick bees. All is taken gently, so as not to harm the health of the bees. You can buy her products via her website or at Zero Store.

I hope these lovely shops come in handy when you’re looking for low/zero waste products from local Warwickshire eco pioneers. Let me know what you discovered at Leamington Ecofest! Cheers, Bettina

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